Labour Business Insurance is mandatory.

This is a required insurance for Businesses. Everyone can have an accident while working.

Labour insurance guarantees to your employees the right compensation for any damage suffered in case of accident, occured during work, on the way or from it.

Labour Business Insurance Coverages

Labour insurance coverage: medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, hospital and any other benefitsprovided that are necessary and adequate to restore the state of health and ability to work or get back to an active life

  • Death

    – Pensions to relatives
    – Pensions by death
    – Funeral expenses allowance


  • Permanent, absolute or partial disability

    – Compensation in capital or lifetime pension
    – Allowance for high permanent disability

    – Housing remodeling allowance
    – Supplementary pension benefit for third-party assistance
    – Compensation for expenses that regard to professional rehabilitation



  • Absolute or partial temporay disability
    – Dayly compensation


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